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The Norman Vincent Peale Awards for Positive Thinking

Celebrating Mental and Spiritual Health

Blanton-Peale Institute & Counseling Center is proud to host and present the Norman Vincent Peale Awards for Positive Thinking. Dr. Peale, after whom the awards are named, founded Blanton-Peale, along with Dr. Smiley Blanton.  Dr. Peale authored the groundbreaking book, The Power of Positive Thinking. Dr. Blanton, a psychiatrist, was psychoanalyzed and trained by Sigmund Freud. Together, in 1937 they founded Blanton-Peale, combining psychology and spirituality – two disciplines that had been considered at odds with each other.

The Norman Vincent Peale Awards Event is a night to celebrate mental and spiritual health, destigmatize mental health challenges, and raise funds that are crucial to our promise to turn no one away due to an inability to pay. The generous support of our donors enables struggling New Yorkers to find healing, growth and transformation through their work with a Blanton-Peale therapist.

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2021 Norman Vincent Peale Virtual Awards for Positive Thinking

The Norman Vincent Peale Virtual Awards is a night to celebrate mental and spiritual health, destigmatize mental health challenges, and raise funds that are crucial to our promise to turn no one away due to an inability to pay. Join us on October 20 for the 2021 Virtual Awards!

Missed the Event? Watch it Here

Previous Awardees Include

  • Keyon Dooling, Former 12-Year NBA Player
  • Aetna, a CVS Health business, Leader in Corporate Mindfulness
  • Ron Powers, New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Eileen Fisher, Fashion Icon & Change-Maker
  • Drs. William & Hwain Lee, Philanthropists
  • Aiyoung ChoiEntrepreneur, Mentor & Advocate
  • Asian New Life Foundation, Leader in Immigrant Healthcare Advocacy
  • James Earl Jones, Actor
  • Sunny Kang, Philanthropist
  • Terrie Williams, Author & President; The Terrie Williams Agency

Thank You to Our 2020 Supporters

Thank you to each of you for your gifts to the virtual 2020 Norman Vincent Peale Awards  (listed here) and throughout the year! Because of you, we are able to support thousands of New Yorkers as they seek Mental and Spiritual health.

Earth Therapeutics, The Kang Family
Betty and David Harris, Esq.
David (Sandy) Pearson
Eleanor and John Rorer
Drs. Lawrence and Stephanie Bailey
Dr. Shari K. Brink and Dr. Judith A. Kramer, Ph.D.
Jerome E. Link
Peale Foundation
Natalie and James S. Venetos
Meg Armstrong and Greg Lozier
Carret Asset Management
Valerie and Richard Doll
Guideposts Associates, John F. Temple
Michael Hoff and Julia Ritchie, Ed.M, LCSW
Marble Collegiate Church, Dr. Michael Bos
Lauren McGill
Carol M. Anderson
Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP, Macculloch Irving
Kenneth Dake
Drucker Associates, Harvey Drucker
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Intersections International,
Rev. Julie Johnson Staples, JD
Drs. William and Hwain Lee
Nicholas Martini Foundation, William Martini
Alice B. Owens
The Ted Platz Family
Jodi and Michael Smart
Laura Jean Wilson and Mark Menting
Elizabeth Peale Allen
Diane Ashley
Jason Bayuk
Richard Behn
Duncan and Connie Facey
Vicki and Joseph Ferrara
Marie Headbavny
Sandy and Don Ingrassano
Mary and Casey Kemper
Jean Mulligan-Kinn and William H. Kinn
Rev. Erik Kolbell, LCSW
Judith Krusell, Ph.D. and David Landy, Ph.D.
Martin Ludwin
Middle Collegiate Church, Rev. Jaqui Lewis, Ph.D.
Henry Vander Plaat
Kerry Vickar
Janet Zinn
Rev. Elise J. Brown, Ph.D.
Vivian Cawood
Kathryn Doppelt
Flushing Bank, Mike Lembo
John H. Griem, Jr.
James Holmes, DrPH, LP, NCPsyA
Rev. Julie Johnson Staples, JD
Peter Krulewitch
Linda and Ken Mortenson
Janet E. Pierro
Poonam and Narayan Prasad
Jeffrey Rosenwald
Gregory and Linda Walker
Susan and Robert Wei
Stuart Aaronson
Rene Alkoff
Susie Allen
Rev. Dr. Kim Anderson
Sally Anderson
Sara Anderson
Lucinda Antrim
Diane Aramony
Jeannette Aycock
Ellen Barker
Rev. Beverly Bartlett
Leslie Benning and
Dr. Rafael Bejarano
Brian and Katie Berlandi
Michael and Tena Bos
Danita Branam
Marc Burns
Connie Carberg
Connie Carden
John Catlett
Dr. Mary V. T. Cattan
Ann Chickering
Dawn Christian
Frank Collins
Mickey Correa
Valery Craane
Christopher Danuser and
Trenesa Stanford Danuser
John Davis
Sandra Diaz
Jennifer Doyle
Alec Drummond
Joyce Dubensky
Rev. Kate Dunn
Joanne Ebersbach
Marian Edmonds-Allen
Laurence and Rebecca Ehrhardt
Michaele Elliot
Frances Engoron
Rev. Laurie J. Ferguson, Ph.D.
Marcia Fingal
Yolanda Foley
Alannah Giannino
Margaret Goodman
Theodore M. Gregory
Terrie Hadfield
Richard Harper
Dianne Hutchinson
Alex Ingrassano
Rev. Dr. Jeff Japinga
Nelly Jefferson
Rev. Gregory L. Johnson
Cheryl Jones
Joan Kantor
Aseem Kapur
Steve Kay
Patricia Keim
Virginia Keim
Nicholas Korniloff
Karen Land
Sarah Landy
Simone LeConte-Parker
David and Pamela Leeming
Lucy Lennox
Lauren Logan
Rev. William and Judith Lutz
Matt Martin
Scott Moe
Sheila Moses
Jason Nappi
Rev. Msgr. William Naughton
Kevin Nelson
Eileen A. O’Connell
Dr. Charles and Rev. Dr. Grace Park
Christy Parry
Marian Patterson
John and Lydia Peale
Robert Pesce
Laura Pires-Hester, Ph.D.
Kathy Plavcan
Agatha Pratt
Francee Quinlan
Paul Risher
Gayle F. Robinson
Sally Rogers
Dennis Ryan and Kim Sebastian-Ryan
Reade and Joan Ryan
Nancy and Nathan Sambul
Steve Schall
Betsy and Edward Schiff
David L. Schutte
Miriam Shelton
Tomasita Sherer
Richard Shoup
Sisters of the Handmaids of the
Holy Child Jesus
Wesley Spencer
Michael Spiegel
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Chester Talley and Lois Benson-Talley
Rev. Adriene Thorne
Pamela Tinkham, LCSW
Nancy and Christopher Trinka
Farra Trompeter
and Kamomi Solidum
Kora Vaughs
Christopher Vega
Jeff Waddle and
Lorna Renner-Waddle
Kelsanah Wade
Rev. Susanah E. Wade, JD
Brenda Walker
Robert Williams
Rev. K. Wayne Wilson
Robert and Kathryn Wilson
Rev. Dr. James Wisecup
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