2023 Norman Vincent Peale Awards

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The 2023 Norman Vincent Peale Awards

Celebrating Mental and Spiritual Health

Last October, Blanton-Peale Institute & Counseling Center hosted the 2023 Norman Vincent Peale Awards for Positive Thinking. This annual event, a key fundraiser and celebration of our mission, raised critical funds in support of Blanton-Peale’s urgent work to provide mental health care to people throughout New York City and to raise up the next generation of mental health professionals.

We were thrilled to honor two extraordinary supporters and advocates of mental health: Dr. Ashwin Vasan, New York City’s Commissioner of Health, and Lauren McGill, goddaughter of our co-founder Dr. Smiley Blanton.


About the Awards

Dr. Peale, after whom the awards are named, founded Blanton-Peale, along with Dr. Smiley Blanton. The value he placed on positive thinking is in Blanton-Peale’s DNA and that’s what the awards celebrate. These tumultuous times have increased the urgency of Blanton-Peale’s promise to deliver affordable and accessible, holistic, and culturally-responsive mental health care to people throughout New York City. We are all recognizing the vital importance of mental health care and the Norman Vincent Peale Awards recognize individuals who exemplify the spirit of positive thinking that guided the founding of Blanton-Peale that is thriving today more than ever.

Thank You to Our Supporters!

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Cheryl Jagow
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Nicholas Martini Foundation
Alice B. Owens
Lydia Peale
Cliff and Pepper Peale
Theodore T. Platz
Wesley Spencer
Lisa Temple
Christine Thomas and Denny Denniston
Duane Wall
Robert and Susan Wei
Patricia E White

Gayle Robinson
Sally Rogers
Barbara Sagan
Mary Beth Sasso
Steve Schall
Jean E. Singer and Jonathan Wetchler
Linda A Stesney and Marun Jazbik
Amy Stokes
Gregory J. Sutterlin
Clare and Jerry Thomas
Adriene Thorne
Alice Thurston
Helen Thurston
Pamela Tinkham
Donna Trombetta
Kora Vaughs
Peter Venetos
Jeff Waddle and Lorna Renner-Waddle
Kelsanah Wade
Anastasia Wahl
Gregory and Linda Walker
Charlene Wang
Urs S. Weber and Lori Soderholm-Weber
Linda and Ben Wetchler
Karen White
James J. Wisecup
Gerri Yoshida
Brett and Carol Younger

Previous Awardees Include

  • Dr. Yung Duk Kim, Leader in Korean-American business & nonprofit communities in NYC
  • Dr. Lisa Miller, Research scholar on spirituality in psychology
  • Joe Namath, Legendary quarterback
  • LinkedIn, Leader in Corporate Mindfulness
  • Korean American Association of Greater New York, Leader in Korean American Advocacy
  • FDNY EMS, One of the Country’s Largest and Most Highly Skilled Emergency Response Units
  • Keyon Dooling, Former 12-Year NBA Player
  • Aetna, a CVS Health business, Leader in Corporate Mindfulness
  • Ron Powers, New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Eileen Fisher, Fashion Icon & Change-Maker
  • Drs. William & Hwain Lee, Philanthropists
  • Aiyoung Choi, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Advocate
  • James Earl Jones, Actor
  • Colin Powell, Politician
  • Sunny Kang, Philanthropist
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