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The Norman Vincent Peale Awards for Positive Thinking

Celebrating Mental and Spiritual Health

Blanton-Peale Institute & Counseling Center is proud to host and present the Norman Vincent Peale Awards for Positive Thinking. Dr. Peale, after whom the awards are named, founded Blanton-Peale, along with Dr. Smiley Blanton.  Dr. Peale authored the groundbreaking book, The Power of Positive Thinking. Dr. Blanton, a psychiatrist, was psychoanalyzed and trained by Sigmund Freud. Together, in 1937 they founded Blanton-Peale, combining psychology and spirituality – two disciplines that had been considered at odds with each other.

The Norman Vincent Peale Awards Gala is a night to celebrate mental and spiritual health, destigmatize mental health challenges, and raise funds that are crucial to our promise to turn no one away due to an inability to pay. The generous support of our donors enables struggling New Yorkers to find healing, growth and transformation through their work with a Blanton-Peale therapist

Our virtual evening together on November 9, 2020 will be an inspiring and celebratory evening of “Mental & Spiritual Health: Healing, Growing, Flourishing.” We look forward to remembering Blanton-Peale’s history and to sharing with you the future we see ahead of us. A future of growth and transformation.

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2020 Norman Vincent Peale Virtual Awards for Positive Thinking

The Norman Vincent Peale Virtual Awards is a night to celebrate mental and spiritual health, destigmatize mental health challenges, and raise funds that are crucial to our promise to turn no one away due to an inability to pay. Join us this year as we celebrate virtually on YouTube!

The 2020 Virtual Awards

Previous Awardees Include

  • Keyon Dooling, Former 12-Year NBA Player
  • Aetna, a CVS Health business, Leader in Corporate Mindfulness
  • Ron Powers, New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Eileen Fisher, Fashion Icon & Change-Maker
  • Drs. William & Hwain Lee, Philanthropists
  • Aiyoung ChoiEntrepreneur, Mentor & Advocate
  • Asian New Life Foundation, Leader in Immigrant Healthcare Advocacy
  • James Earl Jones, Actor
  • Sunny Kang, Philanthropist
  • Terrie Williams, Author & President; The Terrie Williams Agency

Thank You to Our 2019 Supporters

Thank you to each of you for your gifts to the 2019 Norman Vincent Peale Awards Gala (listed here) and throughout the year! Because of you, we are able to support thousands of New Yorkers as they seek Mental and Spiritual health.

Carret Asset Management, LLC
Earth Therapeutics, The Kang Family
Marble Collegiate Church/Robert & Susan Wei
National Basketball Players Association Foundation
The Peale Foundation
David P. Pearson
Eleanor and John Rorer

Aetna, a CVS Health business
Asian New Life Foundation, Dr. Andrew Kim, President
Richard Behn
Valerie and Dick Doll
Guideposts, John F. Temple, President & CEO
David and Betty Harris
Jerome Link
Marble Collegiate Church, Dr. Michael Bos, Senior Minister
Lauren McGill

American Bible Society, Dr. Roy Peterson, President & CEO
Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP, Macculloch Irving, Partner
Drucker Associates, Harvey Drucker, Partner
Intersections International, Rev. Julie Johnson Staples, Executive Director
Alice B. Owens
Jim and Natalie Venetos

Aetna Better Health of New York, Kevin Nelson, CEO
Carol Anderson
Meg Armstrong and Greg Lozier
Auburn Theological Seminary, Dr. Katharine Henderson, President
Dr. Lawrence & Stephanie Bailey
Dr. Shari K. Brink
Collegiate Church Corporation, Daniel Lehman, CEO
Kenneth Dake
Granite Telecommunications
Ted Gregory
Sean Harvey
Don and Sandy Ingrassano
Dr. Dale Irvin, President, New York Theological Seminary
Anthony Johnson Architect, Anthony Johnson, Principal
Mary and Casey Kemper
Jean and William Kinn
Dr. Judith A. Kramer, Ph.D.
Dr. Judith Krusell, Ph.D. & Dr. David Landy, Ph.D.
Kenneth Marston
Linda and Ken Mortenson
Middle Collegiate Church, Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister
Mizzou Alumni Association
National Basketball Association, Annie Horn, Social Responsibility Manager
Nicholas Martini Foundation, William Martini
Dr. Beverly Pazur
Julia Ritchie and Michael Hoff
Rich and Bander LLP, Peter Bander, Partner
Schall & Russo Planning Works, LLC, Steven Schall, Partner
TD Bank, Craig Ratigan, Vice President
Henry Vander Plaat
Theodore Platz
Robert and Susan Wei
Anna Yusim

Susie Allen
Dr. Christine Benner
Rev. Elise Brown, Ph.D.
John Catlett
Aiyoung Choi
Valery Craane
Rev. William Critzman, Senior Minister, West End Collegiate Church
Jennifer Doyle Lennox
Rev. Laurie Ferguson, Ph.D.
Flushing Bank, Michael Lembo, Vice President
Robert W. Gunn, Ph.D.
John Griem
TSM Security Corporation, Mohammad Hack, Director
Dr. John Hagedorn
Melanie Harris
James M. Holmes
Janet Hunt
Rev. Erik Kolbell, LCSW
Kent McKamy
Dr. William R. Nye, Ph.D.
James Richards
Randall Richards
Gayle Robinson
Deanna Rockefeller
Miriam Senft
Michael A. Smart
Sulmonetti Zinn Family Trust, in Honor of Judge Sulmonetti
Rev. Adriene Thorne
Gregory Walker
Rev. Dr. James Wisecup
Gina Wynn

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