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Training: Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute

Because we work with such a diverse set of clients in our clinic, Blanton-Peale is a sought-after training ground. Our founders – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Smiley Blanton – were innovative, forward-leaning thinkers. They were among the first to address mental health alongside spiritual health. They recognized the importance of providing training alongside high quality care. Our Graduate Institute was established to bring together the insights of psychology, mental health, and spirituality to address the emotional and relational challenges in today’s world. To this end the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute offers both licensure and non-licensure qualifying training programs that incorporate a lively dialogue between psychology and spirituality in a manner that is non-sectarian and open to multiple faith traditions.

Today at Blanton-Peale, we’re training the next generation of mental health professionals in New York City. Beyond our training programs, we also offer internships and psychiatric fellowship opportunities.

For more information about internships please contact the Clinic Director, Ann Springer, at


Psychoanalytic Program
James M. Holmes, DrPH, LP, NCPsyA
Interim Director of Psychoanalytic Training

The Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute’s Psychoanalytic Training Program

Pastoral Care Program
in the Korean Language

Pastoral Care Program in the Korean Language
Rev. Dr. Angella Son, Ph.D.
Director of PCCP and Faculty (in Korean language)

The Blanton-Peale Pastoral Care Program,

Korean Pastoral Care Program

Blanton-Peale Expansion Story
Psychoanalytic Training
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